The Good Food Factory was created in 2007 when Amanda decided that someone needed to make healthy food fun for kids. Originally started as a TV show, The Good Food Factory has grown to include classes, lectures, parties and has plans for lots more. This site is all about us, but this page is about Amanda. Somewhere, she’s blushing.

Amanda was born and raised in Meadville, PA, a small town where kids were able to ride their bikes to school, set up lemonade stands and strangers were just friends you hadn’t met yet.  Her childhood was a happy blending of starting detective agencies, writing neighborhood newspapers, hosting science fairs and learning how to cook blueberry muffins.  Amanda enjoyed the outdoors and bought a video camera when she was twelve so she could start making short movies, with her first one entitled “My Backyard.”  It was in her Grandma Betty’s kitchen that Amanda first fell in love with cooking, and where she learned how to make good food, from scratch. Amanda’s Grandmother was known for her pies, soups and perfectly seasoned home cooked meals, none of which she ever cooked by following a recipe. Betty gladly passed down her tips, tricks and methods and Amanda still calls her for advice on how to cook things.

Amanda also flourished in the community theatre, playing every role she could, but some of her favorite memories were leading local children in self-made productions and movies. If Amanda was your babysitter, you were in for a real treat.  At 17, Amanda was quoted in her hometown newspaper as stating her dream job was “to work on Sesame Street.” Amanda then graduated from  the College of Communications at Penn State in 1998, learning as much as possible about marketing, the television industry, film and editing.  Upon graduation, Amanda quickly moved on to corporate marketing and worked for firms on Wall Street and ad agencies on Madison Avenue, creating television advertisements. But all those high rise buildings and fancy suits left Amanda missing what she loved most, nature and working with kids. Plus, there was this thing she kept hearing about…”childhood obesity”…. In 2007 she started thinking about what kids today needed, which led her to concepting and creating the Good Food Factory TV Show with her friend Andy Wilcox. When Amanda started thinking about inspiring kids to be healthy, it sounded good to her, too. So she traded in her pin stripe suits and long client lunches for a surfboard and homecooked grilled veggie paninis. In 2008, Amanda quit her job, packed up and moved to California to learn how to surf. It was a great decision.  The Good Food Factory was picked up by the local cable station, Cox 4SD and it now airs daily in San Diego, Orange County, Palos Verdes, Santa Barbara and has big plans to take it nationwide. In 2013 The Good Food Factory won an Emmy Award for excellence in Children’s Programming, and Amanda was nominated for an Emmy Award for host.

In 2010 Amanda expanded the Good Food Factory from a TV show and began teaching children in cooking classes, and found herself a natural, joyful teacher. Amanda currently teaches healthy cooking classes to children ages 4-12 in the San Diego area, having been named by San Diego Magazine “The best way to get your kids to eat their veggies.” She also works with the local Boys & Girls Clubs and schools to develop curriculum for cooking camps, classes and field trips. Amanda has taught children how to open their own restaurants, build taco trucks, cook an entire Thanksgiving meal for the elderly and most importantly, to be adventurous eaters. Amanda is happy to take part in any event that helps promote healthy lifestyles and frequently partners with the local natural foods grocer, Jimbo’s, as well as schools, clubs and community leaders. In just a few fun and delicious years, Amanda has personally taught over 3,000 children how to cook healthy foods.

Amanda believes strongly that being healthy is the key to a great childhood and life, and making healthy food fun is something that adults need to do a better job promoting. It’s Amanda’s goal to make the Good Food Factory the cornerstone for making healthy food fun, and teaching kids how to cook.


Amanda is happily married to her surfy husband, Nate, and they love nothing more than exploring nature with their two black labs T.C. and Dungee. Amanda is lucky to call Oceanside, CA home, and lives in a wonderful neighborhood where kids still bike to school and have lemonade stands.