About the Show

The Good Food Factory is

a healthy cooking show for kids and their families.


In each half hour episode Amanda and kid chefs cook up three recipes from one of the mealtimes that you eat throughout the day: Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner or Party.

The recipes are fun, healthy and delicious and are based on providing children with wholesome meals their families would love them to cook and eat.

The shows are unscripted and feature “real kids” that Amanda has met through cooking classes, birthday parties, surfing with their grandpas, walking her dog or just hanging out in the neighborhood. Each episode features new kid chefs/friends.

The Good Food Factory focuses on “cooking good food, from scratch!” and has developed new, fun and silly ways to teach kids how to chop, grate, measure, pour, stir and cook. The cooking segments are un-rehearsed, with the kids learning as the show unfolds. The cooking methods in the show were learned and developed through Good Food Factory cooking classes and parties.

Whenever possible, Amanda likes to weave in lessons on nutrition, manners, food safety and just general tidbits about life (“You are never bad at anything! You just aren’t good at it…yet!”)

Pop-up graphics during the show are utilized as: an educational tool on the history of foods, nutritional value of ingredients, general fun facts about cooking or just comedic relief.

Each episode runs 23 minutes and is available for broadcast in other markets, by request.

Pilot episodes and Season 1 episodes air daily in San Diego.

Episodes are shot on location at The Center for a Healthy Lifestyle (http://centerforahealthylifestyle.com/)

All content is created and produced by The Good Food Factory LLC (C) 2008-2014

The Good Food Factory is lovingly created by a dynamic group of positive, happy, healthy souls who believe in creating positive entertainment for children.

Series Credits:
Executive Producer: Andy Wilcox

Season One Credits:

Creator, Host, Editor, Producer (and webmaster) Amanda Mascia

Director: Edward Keyes (Episodes 1,2)

Director & First Camera: Chris Tittle (Episodes 3-15)

Second Camera & Sound: Ron Franklin (Season 1)

Set Design, Hair & Make-Up: Patti Keyes (Season 1)

Production Assistant: Lencsi Angel (Season 1)

Production Assistant:  Lisa Van Es (Season 1)

Production Services by: Soapbox Multimedia

Original Music by: Ron Franklin

Awesome kid skate segment by: Hayley Gordon / (http://www.leashless.tv/)

Awesome surf segment by: Gage Hingely

Pilot Credits:

Production & Post Production: GrumpyFilms