Advertisers & Sponsors

The Good Food Factory would like to thank our current advertisers & sponsors:

Bob’s Red Mill, Vitamix, Partnership for a Healthier America, Kids for Peace, Surfrider Foundation, B4BC, Next Generation Yoga and Save the Gaviota Coast!

Sponsorship Opportunity: The Good Food Factory will continue to offer advertising opportunities to brands in Southern California. 

Sponsors receive branded promotions and advertising during each airing in selected markets.

Product placement within the show is also available for brands and products that fit our healthy standards, for our next season.

Sponsorships are negotiated and discussed by talking to the ever-cheerful host, Amanda. Simply email her at: to discuss pricing, concepts and how to work together.


80% of Americans consider a companies corporate social responsibility

when considering where to buy or shop.  We consider it, too. 

Social responsibility is important to The Good Food Factory which is why we are only seeking brands to advertise and sponsor us that adhere to our core set of values: health, happiness, wellness and positive for families. We want brands that want healthy, happy kids and families, and are doing something about it.

About the Show: 

The Good Food Factory is a cooking show for kids and their families! Each half hour episode follows host, Amanda, as she cooks healthy food from scratch in her happy kitchen with her kid friends.

The Good Food Factory is the first show of it’s kind. A healthy cooking show set to inspire children to eat good, healthy food by COOKING healthy and delicious food WITH children. The show is delightfully unscripted, featuring the amazing and hilarious things that kids say naturally. Each episode also features eye-catching graphic pop-ups that educate and inform while also being silly and entertaining. Parents and kids alike giggle and laugh the whole show through. See a clip here.

Each episode features 3 new and exciting recipes that  kids and parents can make easily at home. Our recipes utilize “real” and fresh ingredients such as: vegetables, fruit, milk, cheese, olive oil, whole grain breads and pastas, yogurt, spices, oats and flours. We use brands we like and can buy near by and would love their support.

All recipes in the show are kid tested and parent approved through Amanda’s kids cooking classes, birthday parties, school field trips and Girl Scout classes.