Ep 11 LSO Breakfast

Ep 11: Amanda, Chloe & Daphne cook up a Local, Seasonal and Organic Breakfast!

Recipes: Breakfast Burrito & Fruit Salad

Breakfast Burrito


Green Onion
Olive Oil
4 eggs
Feta Cheese
Tortillas (one per person)


Chop broccolini, onion & argula into small pieces and place in skillet (about 2 cups of veggies). Drizzle with olive oil & saute over high heat. Crack eggs in large bowl and mix with fork. Pour over cooked vegetables into skillet, reduce heat to medium and slowly push with wooden spoon until eggs are slightly runny. Remove from heat and they will continue to cook until firm (from heat left in pan). In another medium skillet, let to low heat, place tortillas until they are warm and bendy.

Place tortilla flat on plate, spread eggs across center in a thick line and break feta cheese on top. Tuck in sides, roll up and tuck. Enjoy!

Fruit Salad




Chop pear and banana into chunks, place in bowl. Cut grapefruit in half and remove wedges, place in bowl. Cover all with fresh squeezed orange juice and enjoy!

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