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“The Good Food Factory is well conceived, entertaining and instructional. The host, Amanda, is energetic, funny, upbeat and positive – an ideal guide and leader for young children. The age-appropriate pedagogical method carefully steps children through hands-on, experiential learning. The program delivers on its promise to encourage, and teach, children and their families to cook and enjoy good food together.  I highly recommend support for The Good Food Factory, and would hope that itcan become a regular part of family TV watching for famlies with young school age children. This program can really help make a difference for our children.”


“Just stumbled onto your show! Love, love it!” -B. Havens


“My son and I love your show! He’s almost 6yo, and quite picky when it comes to food, so it’s great for him to see kids having fun in the kitchen and enjoying healthy food! Plus, we’re vegetarian, so I appreciate all your meat-free recipes!” -J.Zunic


“I have never seen a show with this much heart.” – SAG Teamster of 26 years


“We all know that in today’s world, finding family time is extremely important. When families prepare food together, conversations lead to important details about what is going on in the lives of our children. In our kitchens, we get to find out about the events that may be affecting them. This is a great way for our kids to share their daily experiences. When the family sits down to eat the food they have prepared together, there is a deep bond created. This is priceless. A TV show that can do this would be of great benefit to our communities. This show appeals to the kid in all of us. Parents will enjoy watching the show as much as children do. The Good Food Factory is a model on which families can propel their own delightful kitchen experience together. In conclusion, I am passionate about the values and lessons the Good Food Factory affords our children. I highly recommend that it be adopted for broadcasting to the general public.”

– Sincerely, Louis Silverstein 

PhD Distinguished Professor of Humanities Columbia College Chicago


“I recently watched the Party! and Skater Snacks episodes of The Good Food Factory with my 12 year old daughter and 9 year old son. We all absolutely love the show and are writing to tell you that we hope you and your team can bring it to the Boston area where we live so we can watch it regularly on TV!” – K. Perry 


“I have been enjoying the show with my granddaughter, Lundynn, who has been in the kitchen since two yrs old cracking eggs until she has them perfectly, no broken yolks. Now at 7yrs old she reads the recipes and follow the directions, using measuring spoons and cups. She started with me at the kitchen sink, with fresh vegetables, as I sliced carrots, cucumbers, celery, and rinsed cherry tomatoes, black berries and blueberries- she would taste everything which has lead to her liking it all. When children participate they don’t refuse to try it,and find out they may just enjoy it. She has also learned how to knead the dough when she makes biscuits. I have watched her improve as she makes the biscuits again and again. Not rolling the dough too thin. I roll it too thin just so she could see how it would come out.
And now I just watch and don’t interrupt and I can sees he has been paying attention in the past several
years. She has just recently started watching the show which she refers to as “awesome.” I see she would benefit from being on the show and participating. I know this show will continue to be a success and I would like to see it be at all the elementary schools and some type of segment be at jr/sr high schools since home economics had been removed. I would like to participate somehow. Because all children need the experience which I believe could possibly help with obesity. Food can be fun and not fattening if prepared correctly.

Thanks you for allowing a message from a 62yr old native San Diegan whose father stood her in a chair at 3ys at the stove to pour pancake batter into a iron skillet for pancakes, which I then watch for the bubbles, then ready to turn over. He lived to be 90yrs but did this with all eight of his children with my mother watching. (smile) Thanks for the show and 7 yr old Lundynn thanks you for “AWESOME” show!” – excited Grandma!


“Amanda’s TV show enabled me to promote [library] materials in an engaging manner. Once students viewed the video, they enthusiastically explored the wellness, exercise, and cook book nonfiction areas of the library (300’s and 600’s). I especially liked the way that Amanda promoted kindness and respect to all individuals. I was also able, after viewing the video with my students, to engage them in exploring library materials that promote taking care of each other in a big world. I did this with kindergarteners through sixth graders. All were enthusiastic about cooking, offering their ideas and experiences. Most fifth and sixth grade students said they were home alone when preparing a snack.”   

– S. Serra, Media Specialist with Crawford Central School District in Meadville, Pennsylvania, teaching at three schools.

School librarian for 25 years, and a public librarian for 10 years.


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