Vintage Footage

The Good Food Factory was originally created as a scripted half hour show where kids come to Amanda to solve their food questions/requests. Pilot episodes were shot in Brooklyn, New York by Grumpy Films. The pilots aired on Cox 4SD in 2009 and 2010. Since then, The Good Food Factory has produced our first full season, shot in San Diego (where Amanda now lives) and it is now on air in San Diego, Orange County & Santa Barbara. Enjoy our “vintage” reel and pilot episodes below!

Pilot Reel

The Sleepover (Pilot)

The Good Food Factory (c) 2008

George is having his best friend, Julien, over for a sleepover and Amanda knows just the thing to make, Sleeping Bag Roll-Ups! Amanda goes shopping at the Park Slope Food Co-op for all the ingredients and with a little help from the man in the canister about how to tell if a mango is ripe, the roll-ups get made in no time!

Dog Biscuits for Lola (Pilot)

The Good Food Factory (c) 2008

Julian wants to do something special for his dog, Lola’s, birthday. Is there anything Amanda knows how to make? Amanda LOVES dogs and she knows just the place to go, Buttercup’s Pawtisserie! Before you know it, Amanda & Julian are cooking up doggie treats for their dogs Lola & Dungee and a dog birthday party is underway! WOOF!